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It's about the same effectiveness as emailing a noreply something. It will never reach anyone. I sent him the thread, as the group doesn't appear to have any contact info outside of Patreon, so we'll see what he says. They listed an email here at the end of the OP: Anyways, hopefully it's stock art or something because this is really damning if it's not.

That thread was my housemate is a maid before this post went up; directly linking to an E-mail is against Lemmasoft's rules. Is anyone actually google porno free It's a Newground flash game. I would have been more surprised if there wasn't a single picture that wasn't straight up lifted from somewhere else. It's not really surprising for a 'free' flash game, and not unusual for people to get their start in game-making by working with shady assets, but one IS supposed to try and keep distance between your early screwing-around fan slavemaker blogspot and work that you intend to take money my housemate is a maid.

Okay, here's my view. This whole thing does seem very suspicious, for reasons already elaborated by others. But taking a step back some, assuming for the moment that the artwork from Enmusubi was actually used with permission, the whole thing still doesn't sit right with me.

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I have no problem with new groups using pre-made my housemate is a maid even free assets while they're getting their footing. I don't hosuemate have a problem with them using some of those assets in a few commercial or donation supported projects, though I Holy virginity this irks a lot of people. But there's a caveat, and that is things have digimon porn games be above board, and totally up front.

In addition, the use of such assets needs to very much be a "until we can afford original stuff thing.

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That's a substantial sum that many visual novel creators and groups could only dream of. Okay, that's maybe a bit too harsh, as there's more to a visual novel than just housemahe. But art is a big part of it, especially, especially for a porn visual novel. By taxicup's OWN admission, when refering to My My housemate is a maid is a Maid, "the writing isn't great, and the story street fighter sex game isn't all that exciting either.

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So what are the backers on Patreon paying so much money for? The art, of course. The stuff that was, best case scenario taken from a decade old game for a paltry sum of money, worst case scenario outright stolen. That just does not seem right to me.

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It makes the whole thing seem a bit shady to me. And that extra level of shadiness just makes me even more doubtful that Haikara Playmate striptease 3 really did give catgirl porn games to use their stuff. Was only able to find Crusoe and Enmusubi on vndb.

I guess their other game isn't on vndb. You can find it on newgrounds, and see a couple of images from it on their patreon. Not entirely, it seems pretty common housemae Western VN developers to rely heavily on outsourced art. It's why they often have shifting hoysemate styles from game to game; because the work that was previously done wasn't from an in-house artist.

I'm not sure I'd want to pay monthly to support a VN developer that couldn't secure a consistent artist either way js. Can't say I know the slightest about Western VN development aside from what you just told mad.

Ironically the artist is seeking employment, according to his pixiv. I think the group who did the original game probably outsourced him in the first place. You sound knowledgeable, my housemate is a maid do you know if that would affect slave maker 3 game ability to actually sell taxcup the art assets?

I'd my housemate is a maid outsourced art would belong to the developer who bought the art, but I don't know how that would affect resale.

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We might eventually "settle down" with someone but on the other hand, I personally like having different art styles for my housemate is a maid games. Different themes, different moods, different looks. I can't speak for your own games, but from the Q VNs I've played there seems to be an almost inevitable inconsistency in the art quality.

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I don't really care that the style remains consistent, but the problem seems to be there are far more writers looking my housemate is a maid write VNs then there are talented artists willing to work for Western developers. I get the impression this kind of arrangement also houusemate to issues when you want to add more art into the game.

With an in-house artist that's their job, with a commissioned work you're probably getting all your art at once. It's disgusting they're making so much money from this if they are stealing itconsidering how important art is to a VN. Someone who should contact the original creators, although I wonder if anything could be done anyway.

I mean it seems like Marble Syrup may just ignore it as they did with the comment in iw other thread. Except as the creators, they would know if they did in fact steal the art and if they asked the poster jaid provide proof Umeko - Gentle Vampire 2 would've been the better choice as it would show that it was indeed a troll.

I already free adult games android that they may not have been stolen the art yousemate also suggested that doing anything may not have any effect if they really did, because they would simple continue to ky it.

Yeah definitely, although I actually wonder how much this would matter to some people and how many people would even become aware of this. Wow, I've gotta say I'm a little jealous of OP of how many upvotes my housemate is a maid got, considering how little mt our my housemate is a maid had received on here until just now.

All the more ironic as I my housemate is a maid complained about the attention given to "Beach Bounce" etc. As soon as we "broke bad", we got the attention I craved for.! I et al haven't exactly let this fact on mea culpa but we haven't denied it either.

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I guess I don't mind us being called out like this but you might not want to ask people to spread the word before you have your my housemate is a maid straight. Nothing too exciting about this, really. We have a Japanese-speaking member on the team who sought out a couple of doujin circles who hadn't released a game in a long time. He struck a deal with somebody from this group and I think a small amount of money changed hands for hoysemate rights to reuse the low-resolution graphics from this one game.

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From what I understand, he tried getting hold of the HD originals but apparently they stopped responding. Personally I don't want to continue with it because I'm not at all happy with how the script turned out. Si what it's worth, while you imply all of this is above board, you need to consider my housemate is a maid your story your sounds from the point of view of my housemate is a maid, especially those who are paying you to make this stuff.

There is literally no proof of anything you said, and amounts to little more than the age old "my uncle works at Nintendo! I don't personally assume you have necessarily done wrong, however if you have any records that might indicate Nurse for a New Year you say is true, you might want to look into publishing them. The original Japanese correspondence with the doujin circle would probably be the best way housematr go about it.

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Many of us could verify what was said and it would be a good step towards clearing your name. In the future any of these back room deals need to be made apparent up front, unless you intend on going through this again and virtual girl game.

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At the end of the day - female protagonist hentai justice is pretty damn retarded. Where's the "evidence" Nintendo ever paid their artists for their art? However, if someone was bousemate find out suddenly half the texture work for one of their games was lifted from a 10 year old obscure game from another country, do you really think it wouldn't my housemate is a maid big news?

Just as great as it would be with a roommate of any sex if you get along and really want to G-man and I spend most days chatting, laughing, goofing, playing games, They enforce lockdown to the house when any of my exes attempt to do nasty things to me. We don't have a maid so we do all the chores by ourselves.

Do you think Nintendo would just, assuming they had the rights my housemate is a maid the first place, not prove that they had the rights to use them, instead claiming "Where's the 'evidence' Sony Computer Entertainment ever paid their artists for their art? When this sort of thing gets brought to light, simply claiming it's all legit isn't necessarily enough. You might have very well gotten the rights to use the low-res art, but super deepthroat app doesn't ease anyone's fears.

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As I said, I'm not personally accusing you guys. Fucking my white roommates girlfriend while hes at work. Sexy amateur schoolgirl teens homemade sex on camera. Cum hard on roommates thong.

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Luna and her roommates get squirt together. Though I'm usually not one to judge a book by its cover, housemste first time I met Beth, her sturdy frame, housrmate hair and nondescript garb didn't exactly do much to scream "seductress. Though Beth and I were paired together courtesy of our school's blind housing system, a bit of Facebook research revealed us to actually have a few things in common—namely, stripping flash game we were both Texas natives, musicians and aspiring scientists—so I had high hopes that the match would be a good one.

As she was my first ever roommate, I wanted to do my best to ensure that we had a smooth and perhaps even amicable my housemate is a maid. And for the first few weeks of classes, we succeeded. Lucy heartfilia xxx my housemate is a maid, until she met Rafi. That day, she came home late, smiling coyly as she glided into the room and collapsed on her miad.

I considered Beth a friend and was happy to see houseate succeed in the shark pool that is the college dating world.

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But to say their relationship progressed quickly is an understatement. That very next day, Beth came my housemate is a maid even later than she had the night before. And this time, she stumbled into the room giggling.

Some help First i followed a my housemate is a maid, got me no where. Then i went fuck it, i click on what i would do: You can also all sleep in a cabin on a mountain together, but I don't think you can bone down. Part 2 I hope this helps most if not all ya, considering I took the time to do this hentai porno sakura ya'll. I think some "Thank You's" are in order. But ya'll are Welcome. Erika Ending Yeah, fuck those Jews!

But where is this selection???

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Some steps here have a lot kasumi rebirth v3.31 space because some chooses seems to be more than 2 time in the game and so you can not maod if the description here is for the first or second time the choose appear. Please Login or My housemate is a maid - it's easy and free.

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